Thou Shall Not Pass

The War Remnants Museum – HCM

This time, my itchy feet led me to Vietnam, a pearl that I missed in my last SE expedition.

A country strife with not one but 3 wars, the French, a Civil War and an American occupation. For a country that has opened its doors to tourists only in 1994, this is absolutely remarkable. A story of resilience, stunning history, nature and people.

Lời chào hỏi from Vietnam  and a very happy new year.

A trip to the War Remnants Museum in HCM ciy is a chilling reminder of the atrocities of War, the ingenious war tactics of the locals and a last ditch desperation on the part of the US as the whole of Vietnam was flooded with 20 million gallons of the infamous Agent Orange… A must go if your in this part of the world. I’ve been to the S21 prisons in Phnom Penh, but this is a different level of madness.

It reminds us how lucky each of us are to take this birth, not maimed or born deformed due to no fault of ours but of the greed of some. Still born foetus that are deformed are a heart wrenching scene.

I remember asking one of the tour guides a few day earlier, when I first came across “Agent Orange”, his blank stare and whispers “It kills sir” was perplexing, but I understand his apprehensions now.


The War Remnants Museum


A shot for a shot


Young Children being affected


Agent Orange kills



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