The Big Jump

To The End of The World

Literally the end 😉

May 2015

I’ve always had itchy feet, can’t do a thing about it. Always want to keep moving, its either been my own willing or I’ve been a part of the family migration. A recent trip to India and I’ve uncovered more secrets on this undying thirst to travel.

To be honest, I’ve hated to travel when I was a kid. During my childhood vacations in India, the whole family would pile up into an ambassador and travel through the pothole infested roads. My uncle would ocassionally swing to the back and chatter about how the govt was busy fixing the roads…. sadly that never happened or I stopped traveling to India.

My mom would have this book about the half-destroyed temples in some nook of a forgotten hamlet and we would spend the hot dusty afternoons through half eaten ceramic and forest regained structures.

Anyway back to my story, I’ve recently discovered that my Granddad was a citizen of the Malaya Federation, to be more precise, he used to live in present day Singapore…. How cool is it when you stumble unto an old passport. So the story goes that I’ve got Singaporean blood in me and his travels led him to India. My dad picked it from there and traveled to Oman and me being the Wanderlust fellow continue my Granddad’s adventures. Golly, he must be proud of me.

So my main story, I’ve always dreamt of the beautiful island of New Zealand and I’ve done it ….. after a year of rigorous surfing through jobs in Australia and New Zealand. I’ve finally managed to land on the Greener Side of the Ditch.

I get to work as a fire engineer in Christchurch (or) Chch as its fondly called. This city has survived a massive earthquake and has borne its scars quite spectacularly. Till date, I’ve haven’t met a Canterburian, who talks about leaving the city or bemoans about the earthquake. I hear lively tales on experiencing Nature’s fury and a promise for a safer future. Afterall there is only so much that man can do.


20150530_165253_hdr_zpsmujhzuyiConversion of Containers to Malls 

20150530_164826_hdr_zpscdj98q24The Rebuild Process in Full Swing

As a part of the company process, I got a 2 week accommodation at a hostel close to the Canterbury Botanical Garden. Oh did I tell you guys, that this city used to be called as the Garden City. It was a sprawling town by NZ standards before the 2011 earthquakes. Must have been awesomely beautiful.

As I was easing into my new life, a few sparks were the Chch Marathon (Hopefully, I’ll run the Marathon in June 2016, fingers crossed)

Having studied fire and explosion engineering, I got to see my first ever building demolition, they were blowing up the old Police Building that had sustained heavy damage from the earthquakes, pretty cool actually.

20150530_165959_hdr_zps0xganad6Got a pic of this Building, before it was blown the next day 🙂

The following weekend in Chch, was sunny and clear. Beautiful weather when its clear and sunny. The Ozone layer being thin in this region of the world allows it to warm up quite quickly, which means that even in winters when its a clear day, you could expect a temperature in the low 20s (deg C), perfect. A trip to the Gondola with its awesome views of the city and a history of the recent devastation is an afternoon well spent.

20150607_122054_hdr_zpstfvg0kzfAtop the Gondola

DCIM101GOPROEnter here via the Stairs 😛

DCIM101GOPROPanaromic Views from the Top

DCIM101GOPROHMS something, the First Ship to reach New Zealand


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