Sponsoring a Girl Child

We’ve read it in posts, we’ve read it in school and we see it all around us, humanity has an inclination towards too much greed.

I’ve realized lately that all I need to keep me happy is just enough money for a comfortable house, a neat car for those rainy days and a bike for those glorious sunny mornings.

Today I am proud to say that I have finally achieved my long time dream of sponsoring a girl child in an impoverished country for her education, her future, her dignity and for her children. Eventually I believe that this seed that I sow will grow and her generations may grow and get a head start in life.

I pray with utmost sincerity that she no longer needs to fight for the basic necessities and enjoys the little pleasures of life. Grow my little flower, grow my little Theresia


Someone who loves to skip ropes and Maths 🙂

Reasons to support little girls

Now before I list these points, let me just clarify, children are the same and any act of kindness to them goes a long way, like the butterfly effect, but I do have an inclination to support the girl child and here is why.

  • In most of the countries that I have visited (mainly the developing and under-developed countries) women are still mis-treated badly.
  • For the lucky few, they tend to be in their shell and want to keep in the shadow of men.
  • A girl becomes a mother at some point and nurtures the next generation to follow her values. Men may pass on, but never can replace the value of a mother in a childs life.
  • Thereby a little support to the girl child, not only puts her life into the right path, but also ensures that her generations to follow are safe.

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